Office The Contractors“Being just good isn’t good enough; you have to be the best.” The words of Marcel van Til, Owner/Director of The Contractors. This ambitious man has been in building and construction, renovating and re-building, since his youth, having been spoon-fed the skills. And he has brought to an art form. Private clients and companies fall into his target group. The Contractors was established in 1990.

Creating beautiful objects, for both private and business worlds, has become his specialty. His list of achievements include eye-catching prestigious (total) projects, which are realized under the motto ‘tradition in perfection’. It’s all about understanding the demands and wishes on the client and translating these into a wonderful end product. “From rough diamonds to exclusive interiors and exteriors” according to Marcel.

The Contractors is the company that works with professionals and follows developments in the market closely; “If you stand still you get run over.”

This is how Marcel and underlines his innovation and creativity. And negotiation. Choosing The Contractors is choosing the shortest route. Opting for a one-to-one relationship, as far as building leadership and realization goes. It is, in all eventualities, opting for ‘tradition in perfection’. Choosing tailor-made! Choosing personal support! Choosing The Contractors!