SID LEE Collective Amsterdam

November 20 saw SID LEE Collective Amsterdam open its doors to the public in “de Pijp” district of Amsterdam. This is the first European branch for the Canadian Marketing Bureau and has, alongside its offices, a shop, a gallery and a bistro.

The starting point of the bureau lay in the architecture, combining interior and industrial designs, advertising and art; with a very clear goal: Push creativity in a commercial environment. Sid Lee Collective is a platform for young creative talent, not necessarily linked to the Bureau.

The gallery has space for expositions and sales by Dutch artists and other creative persons. Press Office Karel & Sjaak have been engaged as curators. One can also see works from Canadian artists, ranging from fashion designs by Melinda Santillan-Moreno and the album covers by Turbo Recordings to illustrations by Team Macho. The collective, primarily former students of Toronto’s Sheridan College, gels due to the extemporary display of their works. It delivers a varying range of styles, colorful manifestations setting the bounds within the commercial aspect of the world of advertising on its heels.


Contractor: The Contractors

Architect: Workshop Architecture + Design