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University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is one of the largest Dutch universities and every study discipline can and is followed here. The old building is to be demolished and replaced with a new wing. The future possible project relating to the section above the waterline. [toggle title="FACTS"] Contractors: Citypole Construction: The Contractors Architect: Benthem Crouwel [/toggle]...
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Quintet Office Park (SBS)

Architect Hans van Heeswijk designed three metal-clad office buildings. He deliberately sought out the contrast between light and dark and flat and curved.

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Contractors: Koninklijke BAM Groep

Architect: Hans van Heeswijk

Construction: The Contractors


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Officia Building, Amsterdam

Office complex on the edge of Amsterdam, attached to the A10. A prestigious project, which is acknowledged by its strategic position.

A very complicated renovation because the tenants remained in situ. Renewing all common areas and ceilings in the entire building. And renovating the electric and water installations, facades, windows, roof and lifts. Skillful communication with...

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