Benthem Crouwel, Amsterdam

Benthem Crouwel Architects is a Dutch architect office, established by Jan Benthem and Mels Crouwel in 1979. This influential office has worked on many projects, amongst which are Schiphol (Master Plan 1988-2003 and Schiphol Centre 2000) and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam (1999). Important projects in which Benthem Crouwel collaborated are, amongst others, the North-South Line and the renovation of Dutch Railways Amsterdam Central Station, the Public Transport terminus in Utrecht, Rotterdam Central Station, The Hague Central Station, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and Amsterdam University.

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Architectenbureau Schulze & Van Dijk, Almere

Around 1996 the first plans relating to the Olympic Stadium were made public and Jaap van Dijk, Xander Bueno de Mesquita, Georgy and Philippe Bédier de Prairie saw the possibility to meet low-cost catering demands: an opportunity seething with activities from early ‘til late. They were chosen, together with architects Schulze and Van Dijk, to achieve a modern styling and design in the spirit of the Olympic Stadiums’ original architect Jan Wils and of contemporaries like Charles Eames and Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Jen Alkema Architect & Associates, Amsterdam

Jen Alkema received his training at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and achieved the final round for the Prix de Rome in 1995. The next year he started his own offices and from that moment on it took off. His talent was quickly recognized and Alkema now ranks amongst the top internationals.

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Hillen & Roosen, Amsterdam

Hillen & Roosen was established in Amsterdam in 1899. It is an independent building and development company with projects in the whole of the Netherlands and enormous experience in the area of development, utilities buildings, housing, restoration, renovation and maintenance. The headquarters is in Amsterdam-Buitenveldert.

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Royal BAM Group, Amsterdam

Royal BAM Group is a part of the largest building firms in Europe, BAM. The concern is market leader in the Netherlands and has a strong position in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Germany and the United States. BAM is undertaking world-wide project in more than thirty countries.

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Heijmans IBC Building, Elst

In the Netherlands Heijmans is a large quoted company in real estate, building and infrastructure. Outside the Netherlands Heijmans is active in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Heijmans wants to strengthen its leading position in core activities – real estate, building and infrastructure – with renewed enterprise. The company is permanent, forward looking, ambitious, proactive and seizes chances.

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Concrete architectural associates bv, Amsterdam

Young, enterprising and challenging. Those are the key words that suit Concrete. These forward-looking and contemporary architects offices designed retail concepts for (Amongst others) Australian, Juicy Details, Mendo, Coffee Company, Laundry Industry, Rituals, Laitresse and Bag. Many hotels and restaurants have received the sharp intellectual thought processes too, for instance Vyne, Supperclub, The Mansion, Citizin M (picture), Nevy, Soap, Hotel Uberfluss and Café Bep. Concrete was also responsible for the interior design at the Mercedes Benz Museum, Central Museum Utrecht, Van Gogh Amsterdam, the Singapore pool bar, VBat, Westerkaap and Nijenrode. Concrete promises great consistency in the exercising of its ideas and that result in a mode of operating that is a crossover of architecture, advertising, invention and creativity.

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SID LEE Collective Amsterdam

Sid Lee Collective in The Pijp in Amsterdam opened its doors on November 20th. This was the first European offices of the Canadian marketing company and has, alongside the offices, a shop, gallery and a bistro.

The origins of the office lying in the architecture, interior and industrial design, advertising and has a clear goal: push creativity in a commercial environment. Sid Lee Collective, needed a platform for young creative talent, which is independent of the office.

The gallery provides space for Dutch artists and creators to exhibit and sell their works. Press Bureau Karel & Sjaak have been engaged to act as curators. Works from Canadian artists, the end product of fashion designer Melinda Santillan-Moreno, the albums from Turbo Recordings, and the illustrations of Team Macho can also be seen here. The collective, compiled by former students of Toronto’s Sheridan College, is a joint work, improvised around their drawings. This delivers an endless diversion of styles, colorful manifestations, which follow closely on the heels of the commercial aspects of the advertising world.

Horstermeer Interiors

In partnership with customers, architects and designers Horstermeer Interiors are able to realize a host of projects.

International trends are translated into remarkable projects. Flexibility is therefore a central theme. And: many builders opt for a single turn-key project. This means a lot less worry for the builder… the builder wants to have a clear, single vision. Success determining elements are always the central and, of great importance in every segment, is appearance and ambiance. These individual identities determine the profitability of an enterprise a great degree. Horstermeer Interiors has many years of experience in the successful completion of projects.

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Ballast Nedam

Ballast Nedam is active in the whole building process: from the initial phase and project financing up to and including the post-delivery maintenance. The company is in the first instance focused on the Dutch market and has, alongside, limited activity outside the Netherlands. Ballast Nedam has a flat organizational structure with individual responsibilities spread throughout the different disciplines. In 2006 they have a turnover of 1.31 billion Euros, of which 90% was generated in the Netherlands. The company employs about 3700 workers. Shares in Ballast Nedam are quote do the Euronext Amsterdam Small cap Index.

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Rappange & Partners Architects, Amsterdam

From the moment of inception they specialized in the restoration of monuments of all kinds of origin, such as churches, castles, living accommodation, offices and country estates. One single idea is the foundation of activities in this specialist area: old, emotional and art-historical given values must be preserved. Whenever possible the cost-saving practice of re-using existing buildings is exercised.

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  • The Golden Crown, Amsterdam

Kwekerij de Limieten, Huizen

Kwekerij de Limieten, is the inspiration source for gardeners, with little patience. Gardens wishes can be translated into an unusual garden at De Limieten. They specialize in beautiful, fully grown trees and shrubs, in unique types and forms.

De Limieten is more than plant cultivation. The combined strengths of the growers, the horticultural department and the garden designers can deliver a complete garden: from device to development, from building to maintenance. You can find an overview of its services in an impression of the assortment at their website. Let yourself be inspired!