The Golden Crown, Amsterdam

Renovation and development in Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerhouttuinen. Nautical influences remind one that this is one of Amsterdam’s renowned and beautiful harbor areas. The buildings, listed National Monuments, in the heart of Amsterdam have been tastefully converted into beautiful apartments by AmstelvlietBouw.

The project consisted of nineteen properties to be converted into nine different apartments. The diversity of each of the properties, both old and new, made this project unique. No two properties were alike; it transpired during the works that one had been better maintained than the other. This meant nineteen times tailor-made delivery. The discovery that the buildings were in a worse condition than was expected meant the restoration plan had to be constantly updated, something the flexibility of The Contractors could accommodate.


Contractor: AmstelvlietBouw

Architects: Rappange & Partners

Construction: The Contractors

Started: 2001