Bols ‘t Lootsje, Zoetermeer

’t Lootsje in Zoetermeer is the unique storage place for Bols Corenwynen (incl. 6 and 10 yrs old Bols Corenwyn). The ripening of Bols Corenwynen in oak casks, from the Limousine region of France.

The Contractors, in partnership with Horstermeer Interiors, have revitalized the interior atmosphere, a new roof structure was fitted and the new positioning of the casks was created.

Bols Corenwynen (Corn wines) is a superior authentic Dutch product. Through years of ripening in Limousine oak casks the Bols Corenwynen matures to its golden yellow color and gentle, semi-sweet flavor. Alongside the tried and trusted Bols Corenwynen are two excellent new variations: Bols Corenwynen 6 year laid and Bols Corenwyn 10 year laid.


Builder: The Contractors/ Horstemeer Interieuren.